Marble Tableware by Designer Shira Keret

Monolith marble tableware is a new project by product designer Shira Keret.The project was first presented at Tokyo  designers week in Oct 2013.

Water erosion is a process that happens in nature, it can  take thousands of years for water to carve its way  through rock.  The streams intensity and  the type of rock  will determine the shapes.

When tweaking the industrial process of water jet cutting the stream will carve it’s way to the bottom, not necessarily in a straight line. This way,  it takes a matter of seconds to mimic the natural process and  morphology in small scale.

Although the technical drawing for  the machine are  2D and  extremely basic, this process makes the final  shapes unpredictable, organic and  one  of a kind.

The project includes a set of carrara marble objects: serving plates and  vessels that examines the morphology of rock  shaped by water.

(Photos by Hagar Cygler.)


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