How to Backlight Onyx Porperly?

Most slabs of onyx have at least some translucent properties, allowing for the ability to be illuminated.

Onyx by itself is extremely beautiful, however, it becomes astonishingly eye-catching when backlit. Lighting brings out characteristics, depth, and colors that can’t be seen without illumination and because the stone already carries a higher cost, the addition of lighting is minimal in comparison.

Another reason Onyx backlighting is becoming increasingly popular is because of the advancements in lighting technology. In the past, fluorescent tubes were primarily used for backlighting however this required a large amount of diffuser spacing to create even illumination. The lifetime of fluorescence is very short as well requiring the lighting to be accessible for continuous maintenance. For these reasons the backlighting of Onyx was often not possible. The invention of LED light panels solved these problems.

Unlike fluorescent lighting or even LED modules and bulbs, LED light panels don’t need a large amount of spacing behind the surface to adequately illuminate a countertop, backsplash, or other overlay material. This along with the ability to cut LumiSheet to the exact shape required for the application has made it extremely easy to backlight nearly any application using Onyx.



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